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"David Waterman is one of the most talented people I've ever met. He has exceeded our expectations with each one of his many voice characters in the Roach Approach series. Not only is he an exceptional voice over artist, he is also one of the easiest people we have had the joy of working with...Simply put, if you hire him, you'll be happy you did!!!"
-Bruce Barry Founder/ President
Wacky World Studios

"Not only does Dave have an endlessly surprising array of voices, accents and vocal sfx, but the characters that go with them are all vividly alive. He's not just doing a voice, he's speaking in the rhythms, hesitations and cadences of a particular person - and using their lingo, manner and vocabulary. He has brought an entire crowd of unique, beloved characters to life on the air - from children and animals to fiesty ladies, growling jazzmen, heroes and villains from everywhere on the map."
-Sheila Daughtry Cowley
Operations Manager
WMNF 88.5 FM

"David Waterman? A voice like a hundred other people you’ve heard before, and one you haven’t ...and mind like a steel trapeeze."
-Jim Beckwith

"His precise narration lent an air of approachable authority to our documentary film project Public ART: Process and Product."
-Vincent Ahern
Coordinator, Public Art Program
University of South Florida
Institute for Research in Art

"Waterman never fails to amaze me. He is always willing to climb out on that creative limb in order to deliver what we're after."

-Gordon Myhre
Grown Man Films

"I found your voice to be both
versatile and crowd pleasing, with a wealth of characters to keep the listener company!
Stephanie Ciccarelli
Voice Talent Relations and Support




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