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        Let the versatile voice talent of David Waterman breathe life into your project!

Industry related:
Offramp - Improvised audio theater.
Soundstage Theater
- Purveyors of award-winning radio theater.
WMNF 88.5 FM - Community radio from Tampa. Listen online!
- Forum "primarily geared to audio editors, producers, engineers and musicians creating and editing music in the computer DAW environment."
AnimationWorld Network
- An "Animation Industry Database".
KLI Entertainer's Secret
- Professional throat soother formula.
Interactive Voices - the leading voice over marketplace.  
Frontline Studios - Developers of 3D games and simulations.
Bruce Barry's Wacky World Studios
- Doing big things in kid's fun!
David Waterman - Voice Overs! List for FREE at Stars & Sites
Our goal is to help provide exposure for Professional Voice Talent and Voice Over artists and to provide easy access to producers and agencies to find them.

General interest:
NASA's Astronomy Pic of the Day - Each day a photograph from the world of ... the Universe.
Physics News Updates - Keep abreast of the world of gluons, time dilation, and other everyday stuff.
The Kleimo Random Name Generator - Uses US Census data to generate names. (You can even set an "obscurity factor".) Hey, don't laugh. Some of my best friends are made-up.
The Trebuchet site
and The Mangonel site - "Cum catapultae proscribeantur tum soli proscripti catapultas habeant." Translation: When catapults are outlawed, only outlaws will have catapults.
Urban Legends Checklist
- Find out if something YOU believe isn't really true...
The Original Laughing Cat
- I'm so jaded that this page takes 15 seconds to make me laugh.

Waterman Digital Illustration - Eye-popping image portfolio.




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